Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WEB // ACT FAST for Oxfam

ACT FAST is "a community of ordinary people with an extraordinary vision: We believe our efforts can end poverty and injustice. If you’re ready to take action, large or small, then we invite you to join us."

Leading the creative concept for the site, I was responsible for information architecture, wireframing, user interface and visual design. I continue to lead in the ongoing upkeep of the site and promotional strategies driving key campaigning moments throughout the year. The 2012 International Women's Day campaign resulted in over 7,000 unique visitors to the site and actions that generated nearly 9 million unique brand impressions.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

PRINT // C+M final invitation suite

The final wedding invitation suite was quite robust to include all of the relevant details for the destination weekend.

Monday, August 13, 2012

PRINT // Oxfam America Hunger Banquet promotion

This suite of products were developed to promote Oxfam's 35+ year tradition of the Oxfam America Hunger Banquet with a participation rate of over 1,000 events held annually, to raise awareness and fundraise on Oxfam's behalf. These events are frequently the first exposure for new Oxfam supporters—memorable and meaningful experiences critical to Oxfam's constituent outreach and fundraising efforts. The full suite of materials includes stickers, banners, printable invitations, can wrappers, and a toolkit for planning.

(Currently, Oxfam is undergoing the shift to a new global brand. This suite reflects the new brand assets that you'll begin to see more of in future communications products.) 

This postcard is mailed to lapsed participants encouraging them to join the effort once again. The headline makes a
not too subtle reference to the Thanksgiving season which is when most Oxfam America Hunger Banquets are held.

This version of the postcard is used for campus and concert outreach. The headline is a nod to the experience
of attending an Oxfam America Hunger Banquet.
A self-mailing recruitment brochure.

The self-mailer unfolds to reveal a promotional poster that recipients can use to
start planning. A clever, cost-saving solution; the posters, available as stand alone
pieces, were gang-printed with the mailers.

BRANDING // Karalis Construction logo


A redesign of the CHANGE logo to reflect Oxfam's new global brand. This retains a nod to the leaf design from the original CHANGE identity.
(Currently, Oxfam is undergoing the shift to a new global brand. This suite reflects the new brand assets that you'll begin to see more of in future communications products.)  

WEB // Sahel share graphics

Infographics using photos to highlight the food crisis in West Africa.

PRINT // Arms Trade Treaty ads

What better way to illustrate the ridiculousness of the lack of oversight of arms trades worldwide than an AK-47 banana. The first ad was featured on the cover of the Washington Post's metro with the second ad following on the inside front cover.

INFOGRAPHIC // Arms Trade Treaty

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

PRINT // C+M's Invitation exploration

Two possibilities from which to build the full invitation suite.

WEB // Personal fundraising pages

Custom design of Oxfam's personal fundraising pages on the Stay Classy platform. Complete with infographics, video and custom content, the look and feel of these pages hangs well with the rest of Oxfam America's web presence.

VIDEO // Working together to end poverty and injustice

For this piece, I acted as the assistant art director.

PRINT // OXFAMExchange

Oxfam's award-winning thrice annual magazine distributed to 265,00 constituents. Once a broadly overlooked, 2-color publication, the magazine was redesigned to a full color, low-cost, controlled production value format (to manage reader’s impression of the cost to produce). The structure and presentation of content provides depth, but also allows for readers to scan as desired, to keep constituents connected with the issues on which Oxfam works. The result has been an increase in donations per issue, a reduction in production cost and parenthetical evidence that constituents feel deeply that their support is making a difference.

See all of the issues here.

INFOGRAPHIC // Food aid reform: Tell Washington to stop playing with food aid.

An infographic to conceptually illustrate the core problem of our current food aid system and to make the case for reform  in support of Oxfam and American Jewish World Service food aid campaigns. Shared online, this infographic was picked up on sites like Forbes, Bloomberg, Treehugger, Reuters AlertNet, and It was also FoodTechConnect's infographic of the week.