Friday, June 17, 2011

PRINT // Oxfam America 2010 Annual Report

We shook up the approach to this year's annual report. With a new chairman of our board at the helm, we tried to take a fresh approach to the variety and organization of information that we offer our donors year over year. In the 2010 annual report we reorganized the structure to present readers with an opportunity to learn about who, what, why and where of how Oxfam works. Broken into sections that mirror our financial information, we broke down each area into bite-sized reports back about our work around the world, providing more fine-grained detail for a handful of select stories.

It was a tremendous undertaking for a report that was scheduled to be produced more quickly than any previous. The end result is one that I am tremendously proud of.

PRINT // GROW! campaign brochure

On June 1, 2011, Oxfam launched an international campaign. GROW aims to build a better food system: one that sustainably feeds a growing population (estimated to reach nine billion by 2050) and empowers poor people to earn a living, feed their families, and thrive. This brochure is intended for a popular audience, organizing the core information that the campaign is based upon and the solutions that Oxfam proposes by way of it's subtitle: Food. Justice. Planet.

BRANDING & WEB // Metamind

In early spring I began working with a new client, metaMind INSTITUTE. The principal, Josh Summers, is currently an acupuncturist and yoga teacher who travels all over the world teaching. metaMind INSTITUTE "is dedicated to improving mind capacities for surviving and thriving in an adaptive environment." Needless to say it has been some truly inspired work. And, I couldn't have asked for a better client. We started with the logo then moved on to full web visual design.
Check out their site:

Friday, June 10, 2011

2011 BoNE Show Award

I am honored to have received an AIGA 2011 BoNE Show award last night for my work on OXFAMExchange magazine. The winners represent a humbling group of incredible designers that I am proud to be recognized among.