Friday, December 31, 2010

BRANDING // Logos of late

In 2010, I was tasked with creating logos for four very different businesses—the results for which offer a wide variety of style, shape, and color. I consider logos to be among the most challenging projects, as clients often have a very particular goal in mind and as all of the elements in a cohesive lock-up carry the important task of setting the tone for the brand of the business that they represent.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

PRINT // 2010 Muse and the Marketplace

My annual contribution to the Grub Street spring conference, Muse and the Marketplace, is the graphic identity of the event featured on postcards and in ads on the MBTA. This year, the keynote speaker is Chuck Palahniuk whose book covers and style are quite iconic and inspired a gritty, yet elegant design. The concept: death of the printed book.

VIDEO // Fight poverty. Prevent disasters.

Two months after the Haiti earthquake, we took time to ponder what made the impact of that disaster so devastating, particularly in the wake of the Chilean earthquake. In this video we explore what happened and why.

VIDEO // From Congo with Love

The photographer, Rankin, took his second trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2009 to capture a series of portraits on the theme of love, in the war-torn country. This video is a compilation of some of those images and stories, with music from the first individual pictured.