Thursday, April 2, 2009

So many ways to get involved.

It can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out how to solve the big and looming problems of the world, specifically when approached by an international NGO that works to end poverty, hunger and injustice. These, certainly, are no small tasks. Most people shy away when asked to get involved.

Our task was to create a piece that was enticing and concisely communicates the many different ways and levels of getting involved with Oxfam. The result is a light-hearted, tri-fold piece for use at any outreach event.

A guy who makes his living playing a wooden box.

One of the most unique projects that I have had the pleasure to work on is my recent collaboration with cellist, Ben Sollee. His plan: to go on tour, biking from venue to venue on a fully equipped, super-bike with his Oxfam adorned cello-in-case attached. My challenge, to create custom stickers to for the back and front of his case to advertise Oxfam while he rode and played on stage. The results:

We believe music can change the world

One of the most exciting and unique parts of my job is the work that I do with our music and concert outreach. Recently, I created a generic, packet-sized, music-themed piece that has been flying off the venue tables faster than we ever would have imagined. Working closely with my favorite editorial queen, Jane, we pulled together what we hope would be compelling and hip. It is a tri-fold piece, shown as you would open it below.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Social Networking Updates

Oxfam's online presence has been a big source of constituent building. Recently, I designed our pages for Twitter and YouTube within their fairly limited customization capabilities.

Oxfam's Annual Report

Oxfam's 2007 Annual Report published in the summer of 2008.

Exchange Magazine

Oxfam's thrice annual magazine distributed to 265,00 constituents.

Muse and the Marketplace

This year I was presented with the opportunity to once more donate my efforts to the nonprofit writers organization, Grub Street. Muse and the Marketplace is their annual conference that helps blossoming writers connect with professionals in the writing and publishing worlds. My task: Create a fresh and exciting design that captured the spirit of the conference. My inspiration: Saul Bass.

2009 The Muse & the Marketplace

An invitation adapting the Muse advertisement.